About Materials

The materials sector is wide and diverse, as it encompasses countless other areas such as the steel industry, nanotechnology, chemistry and optical networks. Cooperation among different actors and fields in order to obtain new products and to develop the market is common. The material section will focus on raw materials, ceramic & glass and polymers. You will find information about business opportunities in the glass & ceramics industry, especially in the energy and environment sectors as well as the challenges to the development of this industry such as raw materials availability. The polymers section will cover two types of materials relevant to Japan; rubber and carbon fibre. The rubber and carbon fibre industries are both important in Japan as on the one hand the country is the world’s largest consumer of rubber and on the other, it is a pioneer in the carbon fibre industry.

Table of Contents

  • Raw Materials
  • Ceramic & Glass
  • Polymers
  • Expert reports
  • Further Reading
  • Relevant Organisations and Trade Fairs
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