Japan seems to be a country hungry to increase sports and the sports industry as a whole within Japan. It formulated a ‘Sport basic plan’ back in 2011 that aimed at promoting sports among different age groups, enhancing international exchanges and competitiveness. In 2017 it followed up on this plan with the second ‘Sport basic Plan’. This plan aimed to further develop the 2011 goals as well as expand opportunities to experience, watch and support sports as a whole by actively promoting sports amongst the Japanese citizens.

Of course, the entire sports industry took a big hit due to the global pandemic, but these negative effects should recover over time. With the completion of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, and a steady increase in sport participation in recent years, now seems to be a great time for European businesses seeking opportunities in the Japanese Sports industry.


Table of contents

  • General overview
  • Sports culture in Japan
  • The market for sports
    • Sporting goods
    • Sport shoes
    • Fitness clubs
    • Golf
    • Bicycles
    • Ski & Snowboard
  • Regulations
  • Expert report
  • Annual reports
  • Further reading
  • Relevant organisations and trade fairs
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