Although the music business in the rest of the world has shifted towards downloads and streaming, Japan is just now catching up with this trend, but over-all the compact disc is still king. Japan is the second largest recorded music industry in the world, behind the United States. Japan’s domestically recorded music makes up a majority of this market, but Japanese consumers are also known for enjoying Western and other music such as K-pop as well. Japanese artists often fuse traditional and western music to create hybrid styles such as J-pop and some modern variations of Enka.

Table of Contents

  • The Japanese Market
  • CD Production
  • Digital Music
  • Music Videos
  • Exporting Music to Japan
  • European Music in Japan
  • Inviting Japanese Artists to Europe
  • Musical Instruments Market
  • Expert Reports
  • Annual Report
  • Further Reading
  • Relevant Organisations and Trade Fairs
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