About Leisure

The leisure industry was highly impacted by the coronavirus crisis, and Japan has experienced dramatic changes regarding the entertainment environment. However we can identify a number of popular Japanese leisure sectors.

The entertainment industry in Japan has traditionally been characterised by youth-based content. With Japan’s ageing population, the sector is now in a phase of transition as it seeks to adapt to its older audience. The industry is also exploring and developing its activities overseas. Given that the evolution of technology has transformed the means of distribution, products are being made to be more accessible to global clients. With access to new client bases, a broader horizon is opening up for the Japanese entertainment industry.

Table of Contents

  • Tourism
  • Food & Drinks
  • Music & Films
  • Video Games
  • Karaoke & Pachinko
  • Sports
  • Differences among generations
  • Further Readings
  • Expert Report
  • Annual Reports
  • Relevant Organisation and Trade Fairs
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