Virtual/Augmented Reality

Latest update: June 2022 

The Virtual and Augmented Reality Industry has been expanding rapidly in recent years due to the enormous potential for business and economic growth. Japan has long been a forerunner in developing gaming hardware and software and is regarded as a global leader in VR/AR technology. Now that gaming and entertainment companies and a wide range of industries such as healthcare, retail, manufacturing and tourism have been entering the VR/AR market for its application to their businesses. JETRO estimates that the VR/AR technology spending will double in 2023 from 2018. 

JETRO, AR/VR Trends in Japan, 2020


Table of Contents

  • Overview
  • VR/AR business case in Japan
    • Healthcare
    • Construction / Manufacturing
  • Example of EU - Japan Collaboration
  • Metaverse Opportunities
  • Further Reading
  • Expert Reports & Webinars
  • Relevant Organisations
  • Trade Fairs & Events
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