Latest update: March 2022 

Japan has the third-largest pharmaceutical market in the world although the changing demographics are creating a challenging business landscape. Because of Japan’s aging population and the falling birthrate and the resulting financial difficulties for Japan’s medical system, the Japanese government has taken various measures to cut healthcare spending, which in turn has led to very complex reimbursement and pricing rules. However, the pharmaceutical sector offers substantial opportunities for growth given Japan's ageing population is likely to increase demand for pharmaceuticals from EU countries.

JETRO, Life Sciences: Attractive Sectors, 2020


Table of contents

  • Overview
    • Digitalisation
    • Generic Drugs
  • Regulations
  • Drug Pricing
    • Price Calculation for new drugs
    • Price Maintenance Premium
    • Market expansion repricing
  • Expert Reports
  • Annual Reports
  • Further Reading
  • External Organisations and Trade Fairs
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