Healthcare & Medical

Japan has quickly become a world leader in healthcare by several measures, and has enjoyed particular success in increasing Japanese life expectancy. Central to Japan's approach has been the objective of ensuring universal health care, which has been achieved in practice by universal access. Find out more about Japan's healthcare and medical industries below.

About Healthcare & Medical

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Hospital Procurement

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Medical & Dental Devices

Japan is one of the largest producers and import markets of medical devices in the world and the majority of the device manufacturers in Japan are small and medium-sized enterprises.


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Quasi drugs

Quasi-drugs are medicines for the purpose of prevention of symptoms and hygiene : they have a weaker effect on the human body than medicines. Some products, such as nutritional drinks, shampoos and hair-growth products, are considered “quasi-drugs”, whereas skincare products that are less effective than “quasi-drugs” are classified as cosmetics.

Telemedicine and e-Health

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Vitamins & Supplements

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