Forestry & Paper

Japan is attempting to revitalise its forestry sector, which has been damaged by a rural exodus and the prevalence of cheaper foreign materials. The sector is therefore expected to grow in the coming years, stimulated by reforms and public incentives. Conversely, the paper industry faces a decrease in demand and the production of paper, whereas the paperboard sector remains stable. Find out more about Japan's forestry sector below.


About Forestry & Paper

The forestry related industry in Japan incorporates a large variety of subsectors, reaching from log production to paper and pulp industries and mushroom growing operations.


With two-thirds of the land area covered in forests, Japan is rich in forestry resources. The country has long been cultivating and planting forests, and the stock of trees ready for harvest is increasing.

Paper & Packaging

As the third largest producer of paper and paperboard in the world, the Japanese paper industry is undergoing a vast transformation in recent years, as the need for traditional paper products is decreasing and the demand for high-technology materials like nanofiber is