Smart Grid

Japan was one of the first countries to invest in smart grid research and development: in 2003, Japan founded the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), which manages several smart grid-related projects. In 2014, the Japanese Ministry of Energy launched a new programme which will fund “independent demonstration projects” in areas such as “electric vehicles for mobility and storage, renewable energy production and storage systems, and energy efficiency optimization”. This initiative will provide $7 billion in funding for these projects over a 3-year period.

Currently, the biggest challenges for Japan’s smart grid industry are the difficulties associated with connecting to the grid – which is divided into 10 regions and operated by 10 different utilities – as well as the lengthy approvals process. That being said, the Japanese government is taking steps to resolve these issues, which should allow the renewables sector to become a more important part of Japan’s power network.

GSCF, Japan to lead Asia-Pacific in smart grid development, 2015

Table of Contents

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