Japan is one of the largest producers of plastics in the world. With production at 11.02 million tons and total shipments at 13 trillion yen, the plastics industry takes up a significant share in the manufacturing landscape of Japan. The most produced goods were plastic films and sheets, followed by containers and parts for machine tools. Japan also produces a large share of the global plastic waste. The Chinese and Southeast Asian bans on plastic waste imports have shifted Japan’s strategy towards the development of environmentally sustainable alternatives to generic plastics and the renewed focus on developing high-grade materials for machinery applications.

EU-Japan Centre, The Japanese market of single-use plastic products and potential substitutes Opportunities for EU innovative SMEs proposing alternative solutions, 2018


Table of Contents

  • Overview
  • Bioplastics
  • Bioplastic Labelling
  • Expert Report
  • Relevant Organisations and Trade Fairs
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