The automotive sector currently employs over 5.45 million people in Japan and is worth some 47.3 trillion yen. Both its exports and imports (mainly from the EU) are currently increasing despite Japanese consumers’ strong preference for “buying Japanese”. The sector is heavily influenced by new environmental standards, which are the most stringent in the world. Find out more about Japan's automotive sector below.

About Automotive

The Japanese automotive industry represents the core of the Japanese manufacturing sector. The automotive sector is now fully aware of the environmental challenge ahead.

Autonomous Vehicle

Autonomous cars, commonly known as self-driving cars, aren’t new to the Japanese automotive industry. There will be more cars in the coming decades but fewer drivers on the road.

Green Transportation

The Japanese automotive sector accounts for 18% of the total emission amount of Japan’s economy. Both the government and the industry are striving to implement new policies while increasing the degree of technological innovation.