Agricultural Technology

By 2020, most farmers in Japan will be over the age of 70, according to a report by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. This is primarily because fewer and fewer young people want to inherit their parents’ farms. [1] This trend means that there is high demand for machines to both improve current farming practices (by means of robotics and robotic suits) and to develop new farming methods through the use of cloud computing and automated machinery. Young, tech-savvy farmers are also finding new ways to make the industry more profitable and attractive. 

The Japan Times, Young Farmers Blogging their Way to Success, 2009, Robot Suits to Aid Elderly Japanese Farmers with Toiling in the Fields, 2010

Table of Contents

  • Ageing Population
  • Geographical and Climactic Conditions
  • Urban Agriculture
  • Water Scarcity
  • ICT Applied to Agriculture
  • Relevant Organisations and Trade Fairs