Regulatory & Legal Issues

Business relations in Japan are built over time. Study the different strategies and choose the most suitable one for your activities before you get there. A direct strategy will make you the sole bearer of the reins of your project. Going through intermediaries and partnerships will mean having to rely on others to build up your venture, but they may also prove to have a better knowledge of the market, too. Finally, commerce with the government through procurement is also an option.

Advertising & Competition

Japanese advertising and competition laws have been subject to government reform and restructuring in the past few years.

Customs Regulations

Understanding the customs regulations of another country can be a daunting task; however, this section brings together all the information that European enterprises need to know.

Food Regulation

When exporting food products, the exporter should be aware of importation procedures, laws and administrative forms, in order to ease this process.

Intellectual Property Rights

This section will provide you with more information about the Japanese protection system for intellectual property, the main procedures to follow and the major costs involved.

Labelling, Marking & Packaging

Japanese laws concerning labelling, product marking and packaging primarily relate to importation, security and health. Requirements are often product-specific and different from the EU standards which European businesses are accustomed to abiding by.

Labour-Related Law

Labour-related laws in Japan are quite extensive and govern different aspects of every hiring step as well as leave, contracts forms, working hours etc.


A standard is a measure, a norm, or a model used to evaluate goods or processes. According to the Japanese Standards Association, standards help improve technology and production efficiency and increase public welfare.

Unfair Competition Prevention

Japan’s market economy encourages competition in industry and commerce. The Unfair Competition Prevention Act (UCPA) serves as a means of prohibiting acts which constitute unfair competition.