Operational Issues

After having successfully entered the market, the next concern for any business is operational and logistical issues. This section will brief you on the various operational issues you will encounter when expanding into the Japanese market.

Distribution Channels

If you want to sell your product in Japan, you need to be familiar with all the available distribution channels.

Human Resources

In order to succeed in Japan you must have a thorough knowledge of Japanese human resources procedures, especially regarding wages, working hours, resignation, and the management of labour-related disputes when starting a business and hiring staff.

Infrastructures & Logistics

Despite the challenges posed by Japan’s diverse landscape, the country has an extensive transport and logistics network.

Labour-related Insurance

When foreigners establish sole proprietorships and corporations in Japan, public insurance is required for their dependents, and employees.

Marketing & Advertising

Consumers must be aware of you in order to purchase your product. But how do you become known on the market?

Visa & Status of Residence

This section will provide you with all the necessary information about visas and residency in Japan. Information on the new points-based system which grants preferential treatment to highly-skilled professionals is also provided.