The low levels of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Japan reflect the challenges foreign investors have been facing when trying to expand their business and access the world third largest economy. However, the Japanese government has been gradually taking a series of economic and structural measures to reduce trade barriers and attract FDI into their country.

Foreign Direct Investment

In 2013, Japanese government announced a series of structural reforms and economic liberalisation measurements aimed at - among other things - encouraging foreign direct investment into Japan.

Incentives & Subsidies

From generous tax breaks to the potential for an accelerated immigration process, Japan offers many subsidies and incentives to attract foreign investment.

Joint Ventures

The joint venture is one of the most implemented approaches in trying to enter a foreign market, the Japanese one included. Joint ventures are recognized by the Japanese law as subsidiary companies, which can either be a limited or an unlimited partnership.

Mergers & Acquisitions

The Japanese M&A business represents a sector whose importance has been growing in the last few years: already in 2016, the total volume amounted to US$ 198 billion.