Entry Strategy

Business relations in Japan are built over time. Study the different strategies and choose the most suitable one for your activities before you get there. A direct strategy will make you the sole bearer of the reins of your project. Going through intermediaries and partnerships will mean having to rely on others to build up your venture, but they may also prove to have a better knowledge of the market, too. Finally, commerce with the government through procurement is also an option.

About Starting a Business in Japan

There are many reasons for wishing to establish or expand your business in Japan, and also many different ways to enter the Japanese market.

Direct Selling

 Latest update: March 2022 


Preparing to expand a business overseas requires more than just attention to financial issues. Cultural awareness and an understanding of the market are vital. Japan’s culture and customs are unique which may at first seem daunting for European companies.

Public Procurement

The Japan Tax & Public Procurement (JTPP) Helpdesk has been transferred to the EU-Japan website. See the following links.

Selling Through e-Commerce

E-Business is almost an indispensable requirement in Japan, and is commonly perceived as an “easy” way to enter the Japanese market.

Selling Through Intermediaries

If establishing a local office in Japan does not seem like the right solution, it might be wise to use an intermediary.