Report: Why Japan?

About the Report

This report aims to promote Japan as an investment and business destination for EU businesses and entrepreneurs. It explains that, contrary to popular belief, Japan has few trade barriers policies and other entry barriers such as language or business culture can be easily overcome. It describes Japan as a land of opportunities with lucrative business potential thanks to its colossal consumption market, its important economic role in Asia and its recent Free Trade Agreement negotiations with EU officials. 

This report offers practical information about business opportunities and where to find support when setting up a business in Japan. It also talks in more depth about potential sectors for European companies such as E-commerce, elderly care and healthcare market, pharmaceutical trade, renewable and clean energy businesses, bio and nanotechnology, ICT and luxury goods. This report offers a useful insight into the Japanese market and practical information about how to succeed in Japan.

About the Expert

Rob Van Nylen has lived in Japan for over 20 years and is a certified export advisor to Japan click here to access his profile.