Report: Space Industry Business Opportunities in Japan

About the Report

Under the title: 'Space Industry business opportunities in Japan: Analysis on the Market Potential for EU SMEs Involved in the Earth Observation Products and Services', this 170-page Report provides a comprehensive overview of the Japan Space policy and industry, with a focus on Earth Observation, including a SWOT analysis. The Report distinguishes itself through fresh market analysis based on on-site interviews with 40 private and public Japanese entities in 8 different industries that use Earth Observation products and services (including agriculture, maritime management & AIS; fishery and urban infrastructure management). The Report also provides a set of relevant conclusions, policy and business recommendations for the European Commission and the industrial stakeholders.

Please go to the EU-Japan website, to get the access to this report.
The report has been released within Minerva Fellowship framework managed by the EU-Japan Centre.

Picture: Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi waves during STS-114 mission
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