Report: Sector Mapping and Industry Landscape of the Cleantech Industry in Japan

About the Report:

Following the Fukushima plant accident, the need for energy reforms in Japan became immediately apparent. Aside from the risks demonstrated by the incident itself, the subsequent shutdown of the nuclear energy sector lead to dramatic contraction of Japan’s balance of trade figures, as Japan became considerably more dependent on energy imports.

In 2014, Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) published Japan’s 4th Strategic Energy Plan, emphasizing regional flexibility, energy diversification, and improved regional self-sufficiency. All of this gives rise to specific business and cooperation opportunities to European firms in the clean technology industry. For European companies to seize such opportunities, this report gives a brief overview of various cities and sectors of the clean-tech industry in Japan.

About the Expert

Max Berre is an economist and journalist with years of Japan-related experience. Click here to access his profile.

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