Report: Robotic Surgery, Telemedicine & Exporting medical devices to Japan

About the Report

This report studies the Japanese robotic surgery, telemedicine and medical devices markets. It begins by assessing the legal framework of the medical sector in Japan, going over the laws, regulating bodies and other issues governing Japan’s medical device market. Then, the report focusses on Japan’s robotic surgery and telemedicine sectors, explaining the evolution of these sectors in Japan, how these services are marketed in Japan as well as how private sector companies have responded to these developments. Finally, the report offers information on the various legal procedures and steps which must be taken in order to be granted entry into Japan’s medical device market.   This report was released by the EU-Japan Centre in December 2011.

Report published by the EU-Japan Centre.

Picture: Image from "Surgical Casebook" by Hanaoka Seishu, 1825
Picture copyright: Wikipedia of public domain

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