Report: Opportunities for European SMEs on the Japanese Jewellery Market

About the Report 

This report titled "Opportunities for European SMEs on the Japanese Jewellery Market" provides an overview of the Japanese jewellery market, including key market segments, strategic price points, current market trends and future direction of the market. Furthermore, it provides a critical discussion of distribution channels on the Japanese market and, through a number of company case studies, it gives specific advice and practical guidance on how to evaluate the different market entry options. Finally this report presents new ways to rethink strategy and market entry on the Japanese jewellery market through different company examples.

About the Expert:

Mr Martin Glisby is trained in strategy and cross-cultural management from Harvard Business School, INSEAD and Copenhagen Business School, and his work has been cited by prominent business leaders and professors on the "Top 50 Business School Professors in the World". Mr Glisby owns Glisby & Associates, a consulting company and acts as trusted advisors to top executives and multinational corporations with special reference to Japan. Click here to access his profile page.

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