Report: Opportunities for EU SMEs in Japan’s Prefectures and Cities

About the Report

This report titled 'Opportunities for EU SMEs in Japan’s Prefectures' provides an overview of existing opportunities for EU SMEs in Japan's prefectures and cities. First, it introduces Japan’s four major industrial zones and other developed industrial regions. Second, it provides a list of sectoral clusters currently promoted by 43 prefectures and 21 cities in Japan. Third, this report outlines and distinguishes between two types of special zones, the Comprehensive Special Zones (CSZs) and the National Strategic Special Zones. Finally, this paper provides information on support services to foreign firms; on Japanese government subsidy programs; and lists information sources and contact addresses.

About the Expert

Chieko Nakabayashi is an expert in European and Japanese service sectors. Click here to access her profile

The recording of the past webinar covering this topic is available for online viewers here. (Once you are logged in, look for the link below the "After event information") 

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