Report: Japan's Performing Visual Arts Sector

About the Report

Between 2001 to 2014, the Japanese live and entertainment market (music and stage performances) has grown from 256.2 billion JPY to 426 billion JPY (PIA Corporation, 2015). Hence, as this report suggests there is huge scope for developments between Europe and Japan in this regard. The purpose of this report titled 'Japan’s Performing/Visual Arts Sector: Market Overview, Perceptions and Practical Market Entry' is to compose a practical Japan entry guide for Arts professionals in Europe who are regularly involved with international shows and event organisation. It should also appeal to those seeking insight into Japan as a new market for Arts productions, as well as those with an active professional interest in the Arts.

About the Expert:

Natalie Meyer is a director at Tokyoesque

The recording of the past webinar covering this topic is available for online viewers here. (Once you are logged in, look for the link below the "After event information")

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