Report: The Japanese cosmetics and quasi drugs market

About the Report 

The aim of this report is to (a) present an overview of trends and opportunities on the Japanese cosmetics and quasi drugs market under the Corona pandemic, and to (b) deliver strategic insight, tactical guidance, and real-life examples of how to succeed in the market. This report includes:

  • An overview of the Japanese cosmetics and quasi drugs market, including a critical discussion of key distribution channels and current market opportunities under the Covid pandemic.
  • A presentation of new ways to rethink strategy and market entry on the Japanese cosmetics and quasi drugs market.

About the Expert

Martin Glisby is the founder and managing partner of Glisby & Associates, a consulting company with offices in Copenhagen and Tokyo, specialising in how to accelerate the speed and quality of collaborative arrangements with Japanese partners. Martin Glisby has held positions as chairman, CEO and board member of several companies with special reference to Japan. In recent years he has specialised in immersive M&A consultancy, becoming a facilitator working alongside, and trusted by, top management of both partners in Japanese cross-border M&As.

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