Report: The Japanese Composite Material Sector

About the Report 

This report titled 'The Japanese Composite Material Sector - Opportunities for EU Companies' gives an overview of the Japanese market for composite materials. In particular, it discusses the market trends for composite materials in the aerospace & defence industry, the automotive industry, the construction industry and the wind energy industry. Furthermore, the report addresses various regulatory and tariff issues and also includes information of relevant industry associations and trade fairs. Lastly, it provides various recommendations to EU companies for a successful market entry.

About the Expert:

Dr. Silke Bromann is a business consultant with over 15 years experience in Japan-related consulting and research. Click here to access her profile page.

The recording of the past webinar covering this topic is available for online viewers here. (Once you are logged in, look for the link below the "After event information") 

Picture: composite material
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