Report: IoT Market in Japan

About the Report 

Japan is trying to improve industry and society by going more and more digital. The government has created a digital agency to implement more digital solutions, mainly in the bureaucracy, impacting the private industry. IoT is only a tiny part of this, but so essential to speed up different kinds of data gathering and control. The manufacturing industry has implemented this for quite some time, but many enterprises are late and still exploring the opportunities in this area.

This report is provided for SMEs in the EU planning to market and sell their IoT products in Japan. The document will describe the market, opportunities, and challenges.

About the Expert

Sven Eriksson has more than 40 years of experience in the ICT sector, both in the EU and Japan. In addition to his long management experience focused on marketing and new business development, Mr Eriksson has strong personal relations with Universities and Telecom operators in Japan. Mr Eriksson owns Keison International, a consulting company helping European companies to establish business in Japan.


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