Report: ICT Software

About the Report   

This report provides an overview of the Japanese ICT software subsector. In this report, you will find out more about Japan's ICT software market size as well as the particular emphasis of Japanese consumers on product safety and quality concerns. This report goes on to describe various trends within the market such as the recent shift towards customer support satisfaction and towards perfection through "kaizen" techniques of continuous improvement. Other trends discussed include Japan's famous "Galapagos syndrome" problem, and how the ICT sector Japan is managing to move away from this problem, as well as the fact that in recent years Japanese consumers are placing increasing emphasis on appealing design. Finally, the report will also outline and discuss the wide range of potential opportunities for EU SMEs within this subsector: such as within custom & embedded software, PC and server software, and much more.

About the Expert

Mr. Van Der Weeën has over 15 years of consulting experience in the Japanese information technology sectors. Click here to access his profile. 

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