Report: Developments in the Japanese Healthcare Industry

About the Report

This report titled 'Developments in the Japanese Healthcare Industry: Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices' discusses recent developments within the Japanese healthcare industry, with a particular focus on the pharmaceuticals and medical devices markets. This report identifies a number of promising developments which collectively make this a very attractive market for EU companies, such as growing demand for pharmaceuticals and prescription drugs, several recent innovative breakthroughs particularly in the cancer drugs and therapeutic drugs markets, the presence of several world class pharmaceutical firms, and sustained efforts by the Japanese government to promote international collaborative research through various regional Japanese clusters. This report finds that Japanese demand for pharmaceuticals and medical devices is solid, and is likely to continue to grow due to recent government initiatives to stimulate growth in the Japanese economy.

About the Expert

Dr. Umemura is a lecturer in International Business and Japanese Studies at Cardiff Business School, her research interests are in biomedical innovation, the healthcare industry (pharmaceuticals, medical devices), and business history. She has written a book and a wide range of articles on the pharmaceutical industry in Japan. Click here to view her profile page.

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