Report: All about Starting a Business in Japan Version 2018

About the Report: 

This report titled “All about Starting a Business in Japan: Updates of Laws & Deregulations for New Business Opportunities” is the updated version on our previous report published in 2013 (available here). It examines the new Japanese legislatives requirements that EU SMEs should know when starting a venture in Japan. This report discusses the revision of the Companies act of Japan and takes a close look at the important points that can impact the establishment of a company in Japan. It then elaborates on the case of representative office in Japan and gives concrete advice about taxation and legislative status of representatives in Japan. Moreover, the report presents the different requirements for visa applications. Lastly, this report provides various recommendations to EU companies for a successful market entry.

About the Experts:

Mr. Michio Matsuzaki is an administrative lawyer and Senior Counsel at Matsuzaki General Counsel Office. Click here to access his profile.  


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