Report: Alcoholic Beverage Market in Japan

About the Report:

The Japanese wine market is a good example of how a non-traditional alcoholic beverage can become a popular drink. The red wine boom started at the end of 1997 and had a significant surge in 2010. In general, the alcoholic beverage market in Japan is mature and very competitive. Hence, EU companies who want to enter the market should have an attractive product with a suitable marketing strategy. This report titled 'Alcoholic Beverages in Japan' gives a brief overview of the alcoholic beverage industry in Japan, looks into some regulation and legislation procedures and indicates various sales outlets and distribution channels.

About the Expert

Els Verhulst has been living and working in Japan for more than 25 years and has a comprehensive knowledge of Japan and its business culture. Please click here to access her profile.

The recording of the past webinar covering this topic is available for online viewers here. (Once you are logged in, look for the link below the "After event information") 

Picture: Old Yoshida Sake Store
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