Report: 5G Cooperation with Japan

About the Report 

This report titled “5G Cooperation with Japan: Challenges and Opportunities” gives an overview of the fifth generation of mobile systems in Japan. It provides a comprehensive definition of this new generation of mobile systems by elaborating on its specificities and the different sectors involved. Furthermore, this report presents the current market trends for mobile systems in Japan, and provides detailed information about Japanese cellular operators, as well as manufacturers involved in 5G. This report also discusses the Japanese government’s vision regarding 5G, and elaborates on the business opportunities for EU SMEs within this new market in Japan. Lastly, this report provides various recommendations to EU companies for a successful market entry.

About the Expert:

Mr Eriksson has more than 40 years of experience in the ICT sector, both in the EU and Japan. In addition to his long management experience focused on marketing and new business development, Mr Eriksson has strong personal relations with Universities and Telecom operators in Japan. Mr Eriksson owns Keison International, a consulting company helping European companies to establish business in Japan. Click here to access his profile page.

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