Factsheet: EPA & Tariff Rate Quotas

About the Factsheet

The aim of this Factsheet is to explain to EU exporters the preferential market access opportunities under TRQs offered by the EU-Japan Agreement for an Economic Partnership. The EU-Japan EPA provides 25 TRQs for a number of EU products to be imported in Japan on a preferential basis. These TRQs allow during a fiscal year, and for a limited volume (the aggregate quantity), a partial or total import duty suspension for the product concerned. Most of the TRQs are administered by Japan through a TRQ volume allocation procedure by lottery or by proportional distribution. A limited TRQs are managed by Japan using a ‘simultaneous buy-sell’ (SBS) mechanism. The competent Japanese authority for TRQ management is the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAFF). 

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Webinar Deliverables:

The complete text of the EPA, and Annexes, incorporating the Articles on Meat products, can be found on the following website of the European Commission: The list of EU and Japanese GIs, protected under the Agreement is in Annex 14-B.