Webinar Registration - Carbon Pricing for Net Zero/Utilizing Market Mechanism


Webinar: Carbon Pricing for Net Zero/Utilizing Market Mechanism

Carbon pricing includes carbon tax, emissions trading system, carbon credits trading, etc., and is expected to be used as a means of realizing a carbon-free society. However, companies may feel it a burden, and therefore, views of industries are not monolithic.

At the international scenes, the EU has implemented an emissions trading system (ETS) for years, and carbon border adjustment mechanisms (CBAM) have been proposed to avoid carbon leakage last July. Also, emissions trading systems have been introduced in several states of the United States, China, and South Korea. In addition, at COP26 last November, the implementation rules of the market mechanism under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement were agreed, and it is expected that international credit transfer will be utilized.

Therefore, in this webinar, speakers/panelists will review the current status of EU ETS and CBAM, the status of consideration of existing credit transfer mechanisms and discussion on the introduction of carbon pricing in Japan (GX League proposed by METI, etc.) and explore ways how carbon pricing will be effective by industries’ utilization.

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27 January 2022, 9:00-10:45 Brussels CET


The Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry
The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan
The EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation


English and Japanese (with simultaneous interpretation)


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