Special Focus: Electronics

This month in the “Special Focus” section, we focus on electronics industry in Japan.
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The Japanese electronics market is well-established and holds a global reputation for excellence and innovations. However, domestic firms are facing increasing challenges in terms of internationalisation and shifting production and service trends. To read more, please click on the link below:

About Electronics

In the last decade some of the biggest Japanese companies entered the market of entertainment robots. ASIMO, produced by Honda, is probably the most famous human-like robot. After the first model was unveiled in 2000, further versions have been developed with the aim of enhancing its interactive capabilities. To find out more, please see below:


Japan is the second largest semiconductor materials market by revenue, and accounts for 17% of the global market. If you wish to find out more on Japan’s semiconductors’ market, please click on the link below:





The fifth generation of mobile systems (5G) is expected to be commercially launched around 2020 in Japan andconsequently positioned to address the demands beyond 2020. It is supposed to enable a fully mobile and connectedsociety characterised by the tremendous growth in connectivity and density/volume of traffic, and a broad range of new use cases and business models.Japanese operators, companies and academia are all looking for international partners to cooperate in the area of 5G.  To read the report, please click below:

5G Cooperation with Japan

Since 2016, artificial intelligence is getting more attention in Japan. The Japanese government has recognized that various measures have to be taken to compete with other countries in this field. Currently, several initiatives are in progress including an AI roadmap consisting of three phases. To read more, please click below: 

Update on Artificial Intelligence and AI Applications in Japan

In 2016, the Japanese Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (CSTI) released the 5th Science and Technology Basic Plan. The Basic Plan includes the goal to realize, by 2020, a super-smart society by merging the physical space (real world) and cyberspace to create an environment in which humans and new technologies can coexist. Like the concept of the fourth industrial revolution, Society 5.0 brings together technologies such as AI, IoT and big data to drive the digital transformation. To access the report, please click below: 

Society 5.0 Strategy in Japan

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The webinar was targeted at EU companies EU companies and organisations seeking to improve their knowledge about the interaction capabilities of entertainment and assistive robots, with a particular focus on the Pepper robot developed by SoftBank Robotics. To access the recording of this webinar, please see below:

Paving the way to Culturally-Competent Robots: the CARESSES project