Cross-cultural issues: Overcoming mutual perceptions of distance and difference

Understanding the Japanese people represents one of the single biggest obstacles for European SMEs wishing to break into the Japanese market. This month in "Cross Cultural Issues", we focus on Overcoming mutual perceptions of distance and difference with Japanese partners. Information on the related webinar is available below:

Webinar: Cross-cultural Issues: Negotiations and closing the deal

In contexts for international business and management, perceptions of ‘distance’ and ‘difference’ can appear as sources of high risk, threats to management control, and thus as obstacles to international business success. As illustrated in this webinar, distances between Europe and Japan can appear actual or perceived: e.g. ‘real’ in terms of geography and climate, and ‘psychological’ in terms of management thinking, consumer behaviour, and of business cultures generally. These differences and distances can appear ‘mutual’: i.e. relevant to both sides of Japanese-European trading relationships. This webinar gives practical examples and advice to managers in EU companies who wish to both overcome actual and perceived differences and distances between Europe and Japan and – where possible – exploit these differences and distances in pursuit of business success in Japan. To access the recording of our past webinar on this topics and consult the related presentation, please click below:

Webinar 135: Cross Cultural Issues: Overcoming mutual perceptions of distance and difference