EU-Funded Programmes in Japan & the EU

Listed below are a number of EU-funded programmes in the EU and in Japan designed for SMEs. We encourage you to find out more by visiting those pages most of interest to you. These programmes have been organised into two groups for your convenience.

Programmes in Japan

Get Ready For Japan (GRFJ)
This programme aims to provide EU managers with practical business experience and a broader understanding of the Japanese economy, politics, language and culture.

World Class Manufacturing Programme (WCM)
This programme aims to help participants gain an in-depth knowledge of Japan’s world-class production methods and manufacturing principles through a series of lectures, visits and workshops.

Cluster-SME Support Missions
This programme aims to develop EU-Japan cluster cooperation, strategic partnerships and business cooperation through a series of visits, seminars, meetings and networking events.

This programme aims to facilitate EU-Asia industrial cooperation on satellite navigation systems.

Programmes in Europe

LEAN Visits - Driving Competitiveness in the EU
This event complements the WCM mission and aims to help European manufacturing companies expand their business abroad and become more competitive by deepening their understanding of good manufacturing practices.