Know Your Client And Adapt

European visitors to Japan who decide to peruse Japanese shops and supermarkets will quickly notice that Japanese advertising styles differ markedly from Western norms, reflecting the unique appetites, purchasing habits, and expectations of Japanese consumers. The importance of adapting your business to Japan’s unique cultural environment cannot be overemphasised. In addition, there are many social and demographic factors with which you will need to familiarise yourself in order to maximise your chances of success of the course of your Japanese business venture: Japan’s ageing population is having a noticeable effect on the Japanese consumer market and is creating new demands and opportunities. Furthermore, relatively recent events such as the “bubble crisis” of the nineties and the ensuing “lost decade” have had a polarising effect on consumer power, as well as on the way in which younger Japanese customers perceive and buy products.

Table of content

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    • Customer Service in Japan
    • Managing Quality Claims in Japan
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