“My Number”: Japan introducing Social Security and Tax number System from January 2016

The Japanese government is currently busy preparing for the new social security and tax number system nicknamed “My Number”.  In October 2015 every person possessing residence records in Japan will receive a notification card with their unique individual number, which is send to the last known address in the country’s resident records.


The Social Security and Tax Number is used for legally stipulated administrative procedures related to social security administration, taxation and disaster response.  For tax procedures, this means that the number will appear on income tax returns, notification records etc. submitted to tax authorities and other procedures.


Companies active in Japan will also have to use social security and tax numbers for the various legally required records, notices of acquisition of insurance qualification and other documents to be submitted to administrative entities.


The government has set up a special website with information about the new system.  English language information is limited on the these pages, but a Call Centre handling inquiries about the new system has been running since October 2014 and handles a number of foreign languages. The number is +81-(0)570-20-0291 (Weekdays only, between 9:30-17:30 Japan time)


Source: Cabinet Secretariat