Tendering process

Tendering process

Once you have found a promising tender during your monitoring activities, the next step is to acquire the details of the tender. Of course, as soon as you have decided to pursue a tender, the clock starts ticking. Details about the tender need to be acquired, if not yet obtained, supplier qualifications need to be arrange, and documentation required for the bid will need to be prepared. For certain product categories standards apply or licenses will need to be checked. In this section, information is provided about the various stages in the tendering process.

At least 40 days

After the publication of the invitation to tender you have at least 40 days to prepare the necessary documentation to participate in the tender. For tenders falling under the WTO GPA the Japanese government has implemented a voluntary measure to extend this period to 50 days to facilitate access to opportunities for foreign suppliers.

In the event of the Limited Tendering Procedure, it is required to publish a notice of its intent to use such procedures (with the exception of procurements of extreme urgency) in the official gazette at least 20 days in advance of the planned date of the award of contract. (Notice of procurement in the field of supercomputers, telecommunications, medical technology and non-R&D satellites, must be published in the official gazette 40 days in advance, in principle.)

Source: MOFA, Suggestions for Accessing the Government Procurement Market of Japan (2014 edition) page 13 [LG2]