Public Procurement in Japan: An Outline

Public Procurement in Japan : An outline

The Japanese public procurement (PP) market is one of huge potential, with EU-estimates ranging from EUR 550 billion to EUR 565 billion. EU-companies are relatively underrepresented in the PP-market in Japan, partly due to non-regulatory barriers and the geographical distance and lack of knowledge of the market. EU companies that are presently active in this market are primarily larger global players, with a sizeable presence in Japan.

In Japan, the majority of government procurement is conducted via competitive tendering procedures, with the participation of qualified suppliers. Those who are interesting in bidding for procurement contracts need to apply to the procuring entity concerned for qualification. In order to increase your opportunity of participating, it is recommended that potential suppliers apply in advance regardless of whether a particular procurement notice has been advertised or not.

[1] MOFA, Suggestions for Accessing the Government Procurement Market of Japan

Merits of participation in Public Procurement

Tendering for government contracts in Japan can have a number of merits:

  1. Government offices often pay a higher than market price for goods and services.
  2. There are a huge amount of tenders notices each year (more than 1.35 million in 2013).
  3. There is lower risk of non-payment by government offices.
  4. It can be good PR for your company, when venturing outside of PP.
  5. Many tenders do not make a distinction between larger and smaller companies; there is a more level playing field.