Tokyo2020 Organising Committee publishes procurement guide in English

At the start the new fiscal year in Japan, the Tokyo2020 Organising Committee (TOCOG) has published an English language procurement guide and form for registration on its website. The guide largely follows the Japanese version of which JTPP Helpdesk offers a provisional translation.  There is however additional information concerning participation of enterprises who do not have a Japanese subsidiary.  

The announcement of the guide however does not mean that TOCOG will publish all its invitations to tender in English from now on. Upon inquiry, JTPP Helpdesk was told that, TOCOG will use the international WTO regulations to divide between tenders that will be internationally and domestically tendered as a sub-central government organisations such as Tokyo Metropolitan Government. This will mean that higher thresholds (contracts with a value larger than 264,000 euro) will apply and number tenders conducted under international regulations will be rather limited. 

TOCOG is also already publishing invitations on its Japanese language pages and Business Change Navi Portal Site. It is yet unclear whether companies without legal presence in Japan are eligible to participate in these tenders, which are conducted under local rules.  Also, as these tenders usually have very short lead times, JTPP Helpdesk is looking how it can include this information in its Weekly Tender Digest.