Tokyo Olympics organizing committee to publish tender opportunities for SMEs on designated website

Nikkei Online reports on December 15 that the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games will start publishing its tenders on the “Business Chance Navi 2020” website from April 2017. It is expected that the Committee will place orders for goods for temporary facilities, such as tents and fences and equipment for the Olympic Village.

The Business Chance Navi 2020 website has already been up and running since April this year, although the site monitors Olympics related tenders, the actual number of tenders thus far has been low.  Now that there seems to be a formal agreement, it is expected that the number of tenders will increase.  It is expected that the website, established by Tokyo Metropolitan Government will be transferred to the private sector after the Games as part of its legacy.


The Business Chance Navi 2020 website is presently only available in Japanese and there have been no indications thus far that an international version of the site in under consideration. The site requires registration, already 7000 SMEs have registered with the website. JTPP Helpdesk has monitored the Business Chance Navi 2020 website since it started this year, and includes interesting tenders for SMEs in its Weekly Tender Digest.