Tokyo government to set up Olympics tendering website for SMEs

Nikkei Online reported on January 7 that the Tokyo Government is planning to set up a website to publish Olympics-related tenders, aimed specifically at SMEs.

The website is expected to list detailled content of tenders, which small and medium-sized companies and municipalities can bid for.  It is expected that tenders covering a wide variety of goods and services will be listed, such as facilities for the Olympic Games venues, services for tourists, security services and the training of volunteers. 

Also, the city government is planning to set up an organisation together with SME-organisations to promote the participation to tenders by SMEs.

The idea to set up this kind of website is not new: - The organisers of the 2012 London Olympic Games established a similar website with business opportunities related to the Games, in cooperation with local chambers of commerce. 

Details about when the website will be up are not yet known. Furthermor, given the still inward-looking attitudes of most Japanese local governments with regard to their public purchasing-activities, it is not likely that the website will be offered in a foreign language. The JTPP Helpdesk will continue to monitor and report on these developments. 


Source:五輪商機を中小へ 都がサイト、 受注後押し」(Olympic business opportunities for SMEs City is setting up site to promote tenders) January 7, 2015