Tokyo government publishes tender for Olympic rowing and slalom venue

Tokyo Metropolitan Government published the tender notice (J) for the construction of the rowing and slalom venue facilities for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics on February 17th. The tender is conducted under international WTO regulations. The projected price of the project has been set at ¥3.5 billion (approx. €30 million).

The project involves construction of the competition course, starting- and finishing pools, a warming-up course, related pump facilities and a boat conveyor. Furthermore, it involves construction of drainage- and wastewater facilities, exterior structures, access roads within the facility, removal of existing facilities and provisional facilities. The project needs to be completed before May 31,  2019.

The tender is open for all companies and joint-ventures. After contracting the Value Engineering Method will be applied. The project also has to be conducted in accordance with ISO9001, the construction recycling law and subject to anti-dumping regulations.

Interested parties need to register between February 27 and March 3. The winning bidder is scheduled to be decided on April 6, 2017.

Foreign companies which have not yet done business with Tokyo Metropolitan Government should note that a preliminary assessment is required to qualify as a supplier. As is customary in Japan, all procedures are exclusively in Japanese.

More details about the procedures for this contract (Contract-number: 28-00870)

Are available on TMG’s online procurement platform.  If you have difficulty accessing this, JTPP Helpdesk can do this for you. For specifications regarding this contract please contact the Person in charge of civil engineering, 1st Contracting Section, Accounting Division, Bureau of Finance, Tokyo Metropolitan Government E-mail : or call +81-3-5388-2624 (Mr. Dojima)