TMG Construction Recycling Plan Renewed ahead of Olympics

Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) published a renewed version of its ‘Construction Recycling Promotion Plan’ (Toukyoutou kensetsu resaikuru suishin keikaku) this month, reports Kankyou Business Online. The Plan is to promote further efforts by all actors in the construction cycle to recycle and reuse their resources and construction by-products. It also includes a number of strategies to promote the construction resources cycle, such as

  • Usage of concrete blocks;
  • Usage of wood leftover materials (such as wood-chips);
  • Usage of mud and soil from construction projects
  • Use of waste as construction materials;
  • Promotion of green procurement for construction;
  • Longer use of existing buildings and structures;
  • Establishment of a groundwork to support these strategies.

Due to large-scale construction projects related to the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo, but also the Linear Train Line construction and Tokyo Outer ring road being underway and also a multitude of renovation projects of infrastructure built during the high growth era in the 60s and 70s, the amount of construction by-products in expected to increase significantly in the coming years. With the Plan, TMG wants to anticipate on this development and strategically promote reuse and recycling.

TMG also renewed its policyfor green procurement of building materials for public works.  More extensive information on TMGs construction recycling efforts can be found at TMG’s Bureau of Urban Development.



東京都、「建設リサイクル推進計画」を更新 オリンピック関連工事の廃棄物見込む, (TMG renews 'Construction Recycling Promotion Plan', foresees wast from Olympics related building projects) Kankyou Business Online April 22, 2016

TMG Bureau of Urban Development 建設リサイクル全般 (Construction Recycling)