Joint management organisation planned for temporary venues Tokyo Olympics

The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (TOCOG), Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) , the national government and municipalities that host temporary facilities for the Tokyo2020 games are planning to set up a joint management organisation to handle affairs related the temporary venues for the Games. It is seen as one of the outcomes of the ongoing discussions related to who is going to bear the costs for these venues. 

The aim of the organisation is TOCOG and TMG who will bear the costs will share information and also prevent wasteful spending by appropriately sized joint procurement. This might be considered as a move that does not bode well for SMEs as suppliers of temporary facilities to the Games, as usually larger tender procedure will shut out smaller suppliers out of the competition.

A tentatively named “共同実施 事業管理委員会” (Joint project management committee) will look at the whole operation of the Games to decide appropriate amounts of goods and related materials than need to be procured.  Although the surrounding municipalities do not pay for the venues, they are scheduled to involved as well and share information.

The total budget for the temporary facilities for Tokyo2020 is currently estimated at ¥275 billion (€2.2 billion), of which TMG will shoulder over 60%.   


Source: Asahi Online仮設整備費の共同管理へ新組織 東京五輪、無駄省く狙い (J)