Japanese Tender information service NJSS links up with Nikkei Telecom:

New service analyses individual government organizations, companies and sectors


One of the largest commercial tender information services in Japan, NJSS, has announced it will link up with Nikkei Telecom to offer a new searchable service with reports on public procurement activities at individual government organization, company or sectoral level.

Over the past years, NJSS has developed a large database of more than 7.7 million tender notices and adds 1.5 million new contract notices annually.  The company will now start to offer analytical reports to customers registered with Nikkei Telecom.

The reports show data such as winning bid amounts and the number of contract notices issued each month, but also data such as the rankings of the most active procuring entities, types of tender procedures and the area having the most winning bidders.

The company believes that the information provided by this services will help business planners, market researchers or those responsible for checking creditworthiness of companies. Prices for the various reports range from 2500 to 3500 yen (€20-30)

JTPP Helpdesk already offers a similar service also supported by NJSS, the PP Market Quick Scan where public procurement opportunities are analysis on the basis of keywords. This service is free for European SMEs registered with the eubusinessinjapan.eu portal.


Source: https://www.uluru.biz/archives/5095