IOC proposes international procurement as way to cut costs Tokyo2020 Games

In the ongoing 4 -party discussions regarding the costs for hosting the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the IOC has proposed the introduction of international tenders as one way to cut costs, reports Asahi Shinbun (J). Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG), the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee (TOCOG), the Japanese government and IOC-representatives have discussed ways to cut costs last week, during a three day meeting. In reaction to a TOCOG' detailed estimates of costs for transport, security and energy, the IOC representatives are said to have expressed surpise that it had taken so long and pointed out that unit costs calculated and specifications were deemed to be too high. In response, the IOC is said to have proposed the introduction of international tenders and workshops for staff to make appropriate estimations of the costs.  TOCOG had been scheduled to present budget estimation to the IOC right after the Rio games, however due to discussions between the three Japanese parties about the division of costs, this had been delayed, the target now is to have this presented within this year.

Source: Mainichi Shinbun, November 4, 2016