Fukushima Prefecture

Main City: Fukushima

Population: 1,846,000 people, ranking 21/47 prefecture (2019)

Area: 13,784 km

Geographical / Landscape description

Fukushima is both the southernmost prefecture of the Tohoku region and the prefecture of the Tohoku region that is closest to Tokyo. It is divided by mountain ranges into three areas called Aizu, the most mountainous area, Nakadori the agricultural heart of the prefecture that contains the capital, and Hamadori the coastal area. It is the third largest prefecture of Japan.


Typically mild climate with differences between the mountainous west and coastal east.

Recent history, culture

Fukushima Prefecture is home to many fairytales such as that of the Adachigahara plain. This scary story relates the journey of a Buddhist pilgrim who meets with a cannibal goblin in the form of an old woman who attacks the travellers. Thanks to his strong belief in the Buddha the pilgrim is able to safely escape.

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