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Webinar Series

Targeting EU companies and support organisations, the webinars are designed to improve your knowledge of conducting "business in Japan". During the webinars, participants will have the unique opportunity to listen to selected experts who have agreed to share their knowledge and expertise.

Please note:
- Only registered participant will receive a link to attend the webinar.
- Indicated time of webinars is always Brussels, Belgium time.
- Registrations are closed the day before the webinar is held.

Most webinars will be recorded and the video put online. If you missed one of them, just login and click on "View past events & material", select the webinar of your interest and look for "Deliverables".

'About Japan' webinar series 206: Understanding Japanese Firm Longevity

The webinar targets EU firms and employees at the managerial level.

10:30 - 11:30
'About Japan' webinar series 207: EU-Japan Smart Ageing Project e-VITA

This webinar will elucidate relevant aspects of putting robots into private homes of...

10:00 - 11:00
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